Beach chairs and natural fiber umbrellas at Vama Veche, Romania.

modern-day vama veche

Before embarking on the 10+ hour drive from Cluj-Napoca to Vama Veche, I’d read and heard many conflicting stories of peoples’ experiences. While some recommended it whole-heartedly as the land of freedom and artistic expression, others told me to stay away. They said that it was dirty and overpriced, with too much noise and too …

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White flower box with red flowers that says Sibiu Hermannstadt

stuck abroad during the 2020 lockdown

I never expected to become stranded in Transilvania – in Romania at all, for that matter.  When most Westerners think of Transilvania, their minds imagine a place dark, haunted, and sheathed in isolated wilderness.  Perhaps also conjuring up images of Dracula and evil, troll-looking peasants.  However, it was actually the brightness and beauty of Sibiu …

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