21 day mindfulness challenge!

why do a mindfulness challenge?

Do you want to be more present in your daily interactions?  Would you like to have a greater acceptance of things as they are?  How about improved emotional awareness and reaction control?  I know I sound like an infomercial, but mindfulness is legit, y’all.

how it works

Each day, for 21 days, you’ll receive an e-mail containing an aspect of mindfulness to focus on for that day.  With it will come relevant resources such as meditations (audio and script), exercises and suggestions for incorporating mindfulness into your day, as well as new tools and techniques for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life.

You can start the program whenever you want – but do your very best to stick with it!  Recruit a friend to join you, so you can hold each other accountable! 

21 days may seem like a long time, but it will be over before you know it.  And you’ll come out of it with a greater sense of self and a more peaceful frame of mind.


Learn tools to stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future and live in the only moment that actually exists – right now.


Acceptance is the master key to reducing stress, building confidence, and being a more tolerant person.


Learning the subtle nuances of your feelings and emotions is a catalyst for self-awareness, which naturally invites personal growth.

why 21 days?

21 days is said to be the amount of time it takes to form a habit.  The more consistently we do something, the easier it becomes, the more routine, the more habitual.  It no longer becomes a task, but something that has been incorporated into our daily lives.

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