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13 best women’s shoes for walking on cobblestone

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

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My feet are suuuuuper sensitive to most shoes, and, as someone who prefers to explore European cities on foot (with all of those cobblestones), you can imagine how this could be problematic. During my trips I generally have at least one 20-mile day! I’m also not the most fashionable person in the world, so I usually only bring 1-2 pairs of shoes with me. So, in hopes of finding myself some more options, I reached out to some fellow travel writers to get their take on the best women’s shoes for walking on cobblestone.

best shoes for walking on cobblestones

fashionable shoes for walking on cobblestones

sanuk yoga sling

Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals in black, some of the best sandals for walking on cobblestones or in Europe.

“These are my personal, all-time favorite sandal. Any Sanuk sandal, in fact, is what I live in come summertime. The sole is made of yoga mat and other recycled material, it almost has a tempurpedic feel to it. And the soft straps are great if your ankles are otherwise prone to blisters in strappy sandals. I can’t say enough great things about these – by far my number one sandal choice!”

Jade, The Migrant Yogi

teva original sandals

Black and white print Teva Original Sandals, some of the most popular shoes for walking around on cobblestones.

“My favorite summer shoes are the Teva Original sandals. These shoes are cute, hip, and comfortable, which is definitely a necessity when traveling somewhere with cobblestone streets, like European cities. As a European, I’ve spend a lot of summers wandering through old cities and the Teva Originals are my go to. These sandals give good support, the straps are adjustable, and they are the only sandals that have never given me blisters. As a bonus, they look cute with anything from shorts to dresses.”

Sophie, Just Heading Out

teva flatform sandals

'Flatform' sandals by Teva, a great option for cobblestone walking if you want to add some height.

Teva’s Flatform Sandals are an excellent option for walking on cobblestones if you want some added height. They come in classic black (as well as other solid and print colors), making them super-versatile for summer outfits. They have the support and functionality of the Tevas Originals, but with a little height for us shorties.”

Jade, The Migrant Yogi

ugg elings

Brown boots with small black heel, shearling lining and small buckle, great for winter walking on cobblestones.

“The Ugg Elings have lasted me four winters (and counting) of daily use walking around the cobblestone streets of Europe. They’re warm, waterproof, and fashionable – the perfect combination for women’s versatile winter travel boots. The shearling accent is both functional and stylish, providing a lot of warmth even without thick socks. They come in two different shades of brown as well as classic black.”

ecco soft

Dusty rose-colored Ecco Soft sneakers, a popular classic for walking on cobblestones in Europe.

“The Ecco Soft Sneakers are one of the best pairs of women’s shoes for walking on cobblestone. This aesthetically pleasing footwear comes with a beaded silicone sole and a comfortable and supportive insole

Ecco sneakers are super soft inside and can be worn for hours. A perfect compliment to roaming the streets on foot. Through 15 countries and 3 continents and over 3 years of constant wear, they are still going strong.”

Haley, Haley Blackall

ecco bella

Tan suede slip-on loafers by Ecco Bella

“One of the best shoes for walking on cobblestones for women are Ecco Bella shoes. They are great for walking large distances through cities, such as Paris, because they are very soft from the inside. Furthermore, they are not very warm when you wear them in summer, and at the same time, they do keep your feet warm in winter. Also, because of their simple design, they combine very well with any outfit.”

Dymphe, Dymabroad

frye melissa chelsea boots

“The Melissa Chelsea ankle boot by Frye is an excellent choice for exploring the cobblestone streets of Europe in the fall. They are made of leather with rubber soles, with a cushioned leather insole for maximum comfort and shock absorbance while walking on uneven surfaces. They come in five different neutral shades to complement any outfit.”

TOMS alpargatas

Mint green TOMs canvas shoes, great for walking on Cobblestones

TOMS Apargatas shoes are a personal favorite for travel and walking on uneven surfaces, like cobblestone. They feature a thick enough sole that you have some support from the impact of rough roads, they collapse down making them really easy to pack for trips, and they can be dressed up or down.  As an added bonus, TOMS is a very socially conscious company currently giving 1/3 of their profits to grassroots efforts that are driving change and progress from the ground up!”

Julie, The Cure for Curiosity

sporty shoes for walking on cobblestones

karrimor walking sandals

Sporty black and grey Karrimor walking sandals with thick sole.

“I love my Karrimor Walking Sandals. The comfortable soles will keep your feet cushioned over cobblestones and the straps are entirely adjustable – perfect for long days exploring when you don’t want ill-fitting shoes rubbing against your feet. If you head out hiking, or they get wet, it’s no big deal as the sandals are designed to face the elements. Best of all, they’ll keep your feet cool in the summer too.”

Cassie, Cassie the Hag

sorel winter carnival boots

“If you’re looking for more adventurous color combinations (while still staying dry and warm), the Sorel Winter Carnival boot has you covered. They come in 11 different color combinations to complement anyone’s palette. Sorel boots are renowned for being durable, waterproof, and warm. These are particularly good if you’re visiting a cobblestone-covered destination that gets ample snowfall.”

salomon x ultra 3

Sporty black and white hiking shoes, Salomon X Ultra 3

“The Salomon X Ultra 3 is a lightweight hiking shoe that is not only comfortable but also waterproof and the perfect companion for all sorts of trips. This shoe is incredibly versatile and perfect for both long hikes as well as just day-to-day activities. The Salomon X Ultra 3 is an incredibly stable shoe with soles that seem to just mold to your feet. If you struggle with balance when walking on cobblestones, this is the shoe for you.”

Victoria, Guide Your Travel

asics gel nimbus 22

Cream colored Asics sneakers, great for walking on cobblestones.

“The Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is in fact a running shoe, but also the perfect shoe for city trips and especially for walking on cobblestone streets. I myself would not have thought that wearing these shoes makes such a big difference. No foot or knee pain, just walking and sightseeing – all day long.

The forefoot has plenty of room and the cushioning is top-notch. This style of Asics comes in a variety of color patterns, so you can wear them with almost any outfit.”

Martina, Places of Juma

merrell moab

Hiking shoes, tan, black and red, good for walking on uneven surfaces.

“The Merrell Moab is a fabulous women’s hiking shoe that has survived the cobblestones of the Camino de Santiago as well as other streets around the world. The Moab has a waterproof liner for walking on rainy days without getting wet feet. The Vibram sole also keeps you from slipping on slick cobblestones. It’s comfortable enough to walk in all day without foot fatigue. These are the reasons the Moab is the most popular women’s shoe in the Merrell hiking collection.”

Karen, Outdoor Adventure Sampler

keeping your feet happy during long days of sightseeing

There are a few essential items I like to carry with me in case of foot emergencies while traveling. Band-aids are essential in case of blisters for those long walking days! Neosporin or another AAA ointment is also a great option if you’re prone to blisters or cuts while walking. If you’re staying in accommodations that have a tub, soak your feet after a long day, apply lotion, and put on some cozy socks. In addition to soaking your feet, these self-care travel tips will also come in handy.

Always remember to wear breathable socks and shoes in summer, and anti-moisture or anti-fungal if you know your feet will wind up getting wet. Happy walking!

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