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50 gifts for yoga lovers

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2021)

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Let’s face it, sometimes purchasing gifts for our loved ones is no easy feat. I still have a hard time getting gifts for even the people I know best. If you have a special yogi in your life (or need a treat for yourself!), then look no further. Here are 50 awesome gifts for yoga lovers.

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50 gifts for yoga lovers

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gifts for yoga lovers – under $14.99

lotus incense holder – $6.99

This lotus incense holder is the perfect gift for someone who burns incense during their home practice. The petals are wonderful at catching the ashes and it’s easy to clean!

Metal lotus flower incense holder, a perfect gift for yoga lovers.

tibetan prayer flags – $8.97

Five rolled up Tibetan prayer flags, in yellow, red, blue, white, and green.  This makes for a perfect gift for yoga lovers.

I love my Tibetan prayer flags so much that I actually brought them with me when I decided to travel full-time around Europe. These were made by Tibetan refugees.

tongue scraper – $8.99

My tongue scraper is another thing that’s traveled around the world with me. It’s a must-have for ayurvedic self-care.

Set of 2 tongue scrapers, great for ayurvedic self-care.  Shown with the box they come in and two carrying cases, perfect for travel.

12-loop yoga strap – $9.98

12-loop yoga strap for deepening stretches.  Shown in grey and black with the box it comes in.  A perfect gift for yoga lovers.

This yoga strap is great for those who are working on their flexibility as it has 12 separate loops to help deepen the stretch. The perfect gift for any yoga lover!

blank yoga note cards – $10.99

These adorable animal yoga cards are perfect for thank you’s, love notes, or just a quick ‘hello.’ They’re a great gift for yoga lovers when you don’t know what else to get!

Cows on cards doing yoga poses, a funny gift idea for yogis.

abyhanga silk massage gloves – $11.98

White silk self-massage abhyanga gloves for the yoga lover in your life.

These massage gloves are perfect for exfoliating before a shower and stimulating your lymphatic system. Dry massage is a common self-care ritual in Ayurveda.

chakra wall art – $12.95

This gorgeous chakra wall print will brighten up any room and can serve as a quick reminder to re-center, re-ground, and stay in the moment.

Beautiful floral print, side-view of the human body from hips up showing the location of each of the chakras.  A beautiful gift for yoga lovers.

yoga magnetic poetry – $12.95

Orange box of yoga-inspired magnetic poetry, containing over 200 words.

A box of over 200 words to help you move, breathe, and grow. This box of yoga-inspired magnetic poetry is sure to keep you entertained during some boring lockdown moments.

reflection journal – $12.99

The Mini Introspection and Reflection Journal contains six months of writing prompts designed to guide growth and self-reflection.

Light blue journal for daily reflection and self-growth, an excellent gift for yoga lovers.

yoga mat cleaner – $12.99

Purple spray bottle with the script 'Yoga mat detox' alongside a light blue microfiber towel.

This yoga mat cleaner comes with a microfiber towel for cleaning purposes.

apres savasana bath soak – $14.00

Who couldn’t use a good post-workout soak for sore muscle relief? Or, just, ya know, for relaxation purposes? This Apres Savasana Soak makes a great gift idea for yoga lovers.

White package with red medical cross in the center, Pursama Apres Savasana Soak for the bath.  A greata yoga gift idea.

yoga dice – $14.15

Circular box containing Yoga Dice with pictures of  yoga poses decorating the lid.

Yoga Dice make a great gift idea for anyone who loves yoga and meditation. There are literally thousands of combinations to keep things interesting.

yoga of the subtle body – $14.37

Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little is one of my top five all-time yoga books. Hint – some others are on this list as well!

Cover of Tias Little's book, 'Yoga of the Subtle Body' - an excellent gift idea for yoga lovers.

neti pot – $14.97

A neti pot sitting on top of the box it comes in, Comfy Pot.  A great ayurvedic gift for yogis.

While the Neti Pot may not be a favorite activity of mine, it is super helpful and a key ritual in Ayurvedic self-care. And I must say, I do always feel better afterwards.

gifts for yoga lovers – under $24.99

sunyik raw chakra stones – $15.49

This is a great set of raw chakra stones for someone who is just beginning to learn about the chakras or someone just starting their gem and mineral collection.

Two hands holding seven raw crystals, one representative of each of the chakras.

yoga knee pad – $15.95

Woman shown doing a low lunge with her knee resting on a purple knee pad, a great prop for yogis with knee issues.

There are certain yoga poses that my knees absolutely dread, but this knee pad is everything. It relieves any pain and brings me back into the pose. It’s a perfect gift for yoga lovers who may have knee issues!

yoga bag – $15.98

This colorful, fun yoga bag has an adjustable strap and multiple pockets to carry other things you may need when heading to the studio. Eco-Friendly, of course!

Colorful lavender, red, and teal striped yoga bag with adjustable strap standing upright.

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foam roller – $18.00

Long black foam roller lying on its side, great for myofascial release after a yoga practice.

This foam roller is perfect to relieve any kinks or aches you might have in your body post-practice. I love using mine on my outer hips, back, and hamstrings.

eastern body, western mind – $18.24

If I could only have one book on my shelf that was related to my practice, it would be this one. While not geared toward asana, this book seamlessly melds developmental psychology with eastern thought. It’s incredible, to say the least.

Cover of Judith Anodea's book Eastern Body, Western Mind with lotus flowers on the cover.

therapeutic grade essential oils (14) – $18.99

Fourteen small bottles of essential oils arranged upright in a pyramid formation.

Essential oils are great for everything from relaxation, to sinus congestion, or even making home-made solutions to clean your house. This is a great intro kit!

sloth yoga wall art – from $19.00

Well, this is clearly going on my wall in the near future. How cute is this sloth wall art!? And you thought sloths were lazy…

over-the-knee socks – $19.65

Two women shown from the waist down in cut-off denim shorts, one wearing above the knee black socks, one wearing above the knee white socks.  Both pairs of socks are stirrup style, with toe and heel exposed.

If you like to practice yoga in a body suit, or, if you like to take trendy Instagram-worthy yoga photos, these stirrup over-the-knee socks are great for winter weather. Two pairs come in the set.

copper mug – $19.89

Ayurvedic principle states that you should drink a cup of barely-warm water out of a pure copper mug first thing in the morning to aid in digestion. This is always next to my bed on a cup-warmer.

Hammered copper mug shown by itself, perfect gift for ayurveda-inclined yogis.

mexican falsa blanket – $19.95

Black, white, orange, and teal Mexican woven blanket that is commonly used as a prop during yoga practice.

These Mexican woven blankets are perfect for everything from yin, to restorative, to yoga nidra, or even a quickie ab workout with socks (message me if you’re curious!).

You could get reaaaally creative with the frosting on these yoga cookie cutters! Just saying. For the yogi who already has it all, these are the perfect gift.

Three silver cookie cutters in the shape of different yoga poses - goddess pose, warrior II, half moon.

cork yoga block – $20.00

Cork block pictured alone with the Manduka logo on the bottom right corner.

Yoga blocks come in foam or cork – I personally prefer cork blocks, and these from Manduka are the best. It’s ideal to have two, but this price is set for one block.

china gel – $20.95

China Gel is a great gift for yoga lovers, especially those who practice power yoga or Ashtanga. I have this stuff in travel-size, big pump bottles, and everything in between. Be sure to wash your hands after you apply it!

6 oz. bottle of China Gel with an orange and white yin/yang symbol on the front.

massage ball kit – $21.99

Self-massage ball kit shown with two spiked balls, three smaller purple balls, and one additional roller that resembles a dumbbell.

This massage ball kit comes with everything you might need for myofascial release after a vigorous practice.

meditation figurines – $22.68

These meditation figurines are made of black ceramic and make a beautiful addition to any yoga altar.

Four black ceramic figurines pictured in different seated meditation poses, a great yoga gift for practitioners.

yoga waterproof mascara – $24.00

White and blue mascara with the script 'Yoga Waterproof Mascara' on the tube.

For the yoga lover who is coming straight from work or brunch, this waterproof mascara was made to withstand even the sweatiest of classes.

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insulated water bottle – $24.49

Perfect for the eco-conscious yogi, this insulated water bottle reduces plastic use and has a convenient carrying handle – plus it comes in a TON of colors to match any yoga mat!

Aquamarine colored water bottle with a spout for mouth and convenient carrying handle.

hemp oil pain balm – $24.99

Sacred hemp oil pain balm shown with the cover off and to the side, displaying the pale balm.

Do you know any yoga lovers who complain of sore muscles after a vigorous practice? This hemp seed balm is great for pain relief, and it doesn’t leave you all sticky after application!

macramé moon wall art – $24.99

This gorgeous macramé moon wall hanging makes a gorgeous addition to any room of the house, or even a yoga studio.

Beautiful macramé wall hanging shown with twinkling lights and candles hanging on a wall.

the yoga kitchen – $24.99

Cover of 'The Yoga Kitchen' by Kimberly Parsons with a vegetarian dish shown on the front.

The Yoga Kitchen is the ultimate vegetarian cookbook for yogis who want to integrate mind and body for ultimate wellness. It contains over 100 recipes!

gifts for yoga lovers – under $49.99

yoga joes – $25.00

Channel your inner warrior with these adorable Yoga Joes. My dad got these for me one Christmas and they made a great addition to window sill décor.

Green army men arranged in different yoga poses, a fun gift for yoga lovers and military personnel alike.

om lotus flower necklace – $26.99

A rose gold necklace shown with a lotus flower and tiny om symbol on a jewelry card with the script 'Soulmeet Jewelry' and 'New Beginnings.'

This om lotus flower necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and won’t turn the body green! It’s hypoallergenic and comes in different finishes.

gold lotus bracelet – $27.98

The charm bracelets from Alex and Ani are still quite popular, and this gold lotus bracelet makes an excellent addition to any existing collection.

Gold lotus Alex and Ali charm bracelet, a great gift for yoga lovers.

yogabody: anatomy, kinesiology, & asana – $29.95

Cover of the book 'YogaBody' by Judith Lasaster.  A woman is shown from behind with her hands in reverse prayer.

I learned more from this book about the relationship between asana and anatomy than from anything else during my yoga teacher training. It’s the perfect gift for the YTT trainee in your life!

yinuo candle gift set – $29.98

This candle gift set is ideal for adding a splash of color to any room or studio – not to mention they smell great, but not too obtrusive!

A colorful set of 8 small scented candles with lids, each with a different colorful pattern adorning its case.

tibetan singing bowl set – $37.97

Antique black and gold Tibetan Singing Bowl shown with red and gold pillow for it to rest on.

Even if you’ve never played a singing bowl before, this kit is great for beginners – it comes with a number of free e-books to get you started! The antique finish is beautiful, and it comes with a cushion as well.

essential oil diffuser – $38.99

An essential oil diffuser is perfect to have in any room of the house for any occasion. Have sinus problems? Diffuse eucalyptus oil. Need to relax? Try lavender. Want a pick-me-up? Peppermint is best. It’s great to have next to the bed to fall asleep to.

Dark wood finish essential oil diffuser perfect for a yoga-inspired gift.

travel mat – $39.95

Red Jade Travel Mat shown half rolled up, on its own.  A great, affordable yoga gift.

This travel mat by Jade is super-affordable and comes in 5 different colors. I love Jade mats (not because we share the same name) for their versatility in use in different styles of yoga.

yoga wheel – $42.97

This yoga wheel comes in different colors and different sizes to accommodate all yogis. It’s great to practice arm balances, deepen backbends, or get truly creative with.

Light grey and light aqua colored yoga wheel shown on the diagonal.

node fitness organic bolster – $43.99

Dark blue colored rectangular bolster for yoga or meditation practice.

The node bolster is perfect for restorative or yin yoga. The cover is eco-friendly and removes to be machine-washable. It comes in a few different colors to accent your existing décor.

himalayan salt lamp – $44.99

Himalayan salt lamps are quite popular, even with people not in the yoga community. I love the sleek look of this one with its rectangular shape and solid black base.

Rectangular pink-coral Himalayan salt lamp shown with a sleek, black stand and its box in the background.

gifts for yoga lovers – under $99.99

meditation cushion – $55.55

Blue, white, orange, and red patterned square meditation cushion shown in a sleek room with white brick wall and macramé hanging in the background.

This colorful square cushion is great for beginner or advanced practitioners of meditation and accommodates a variety of seated postures to ensure comfort.

yogitoes mat towel – $58.00

Many yoga studios offer these Manduka Yogitoes to rent – why not purchase one for your yoga-loving friend (or yourself)? It will keep you from slipping and sliding on your mat in even a hot yoga class.

Rolled up Manduka YogiToes shown in ocean colors, a great gift for yoga lovers.

at-home yoga swing – $67.97

teal colored self-installable yoga swing shown with its carrying case, installation straps and the swing itself.

I didn’t think that having one of these yoga swings at home was an option, but it’s so much fun and easy to set up! I installed a pull-up bar in my doorway and hung it from there. It also comes with a carrying case so you can take it to the park or somewhere else in nature

sun salutations wall hanging – $80.00

For the yoga lover who has it all, this charming sun salutations mobile is a beautiful accent to any home or studio.

Gold hanging mobile with gold cut outs of different asanas in sun salutations.

gifts for yoga lovers – over $100.00

crystal infrared mat – $298.88

Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline infrared heated gem mat shown spread out.

A very unique gift for yoga lovers, this crystal infrared mat contains amethyst, jade, and tourmaline. Infrared gem mats have a myriad of benefits and make a great addition to a naturopathic treatment regimen.

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