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45+ Gifts for Travel Lovers

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2022)

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Stumped on what to get for that intrepid nomad in your life? There are plenty of gift ideas out there to suit every budget and every type of traveler. And here they all are in one, convenient list – the ultimate list of great gifts for travel lovers.

Sure, COVID may have put a damper on our current travel plans, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever! These gifts for travel lovers are sure to fuel wanderlust for that next big (or small) trip.

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gifts for travel lovers: under $25-ish

luggage tags

Luggage tags are a no-brainer when it comes to gifts for travel lovers! Nobody wants to lose their bags, and these will ensure that everything is ultimately found if the worst does happen.

tide travel sink packets

These Tide Travel Sink Packets would have been a lifesaver for me when I realized my Airbnb in Sibiu didn’t have a washer and I had to learn to do laundry in the sink!

map-inspired mask

What could be a more perfect gift for travel lovers in 2020 than a map-inspired mask!? I may need to learn to sew to make some of these on my own!

travel padlock

Extra security is never a bad idea when traveling. This TSA-approved padlock is great for suitcases or carry-ons, and it comes in a 2-pack.

quick-dry towel

Unless you are staying exclusively in hotels or Airbnbs, you’ll want to bring a towel with you. This quick-dry microfiber towel is ideal for stays in hostels and long-term travel.

bluetooth phone camera remote

Ever wonder how so many solo travelers get the perfect photo when traveling alone? This Bluetooth remote that connects with most Androids and iPhones is what I use. It’s also great for yoga photos!

hydrating face mist

I LOVE THIS STUFF! This hydrating face mist is the best for when you need to refresh after a long flight. It’s 2 oz. so you can bring it in your carry-on!

Before I left the US and still had my day job, I’d even use it throughout the day since I worked with volatile chemicals and had to wash my face often.

dry sack

This set of 3 dry sacks is perfect for camping, kayaking, and other forms of adventure travel. Have an outdoors-lover in your life? This is a great, affordable gift idea!

cotton sleep mask – $9.99

Black cotton sleep mask shown with its box in the background, good for blocking out light and getting good rest when traveling.

I use this sleep mask even when I’m not traveling – my eyelids always seem to flutter when I’m trying to sleep, and the sleep mask ensures I get quality sleep each and every night!

deodorant wipes – $ 10.00

Deodorant wipes are perfect to stick in your bag for refreshing during a long flight if your carry-on options are limited. This pack is compact and resealable!

Pack of underarm deodorant wipes for keeping fresh during long-haul flights.

earplugs – $10.99

Jar of lime green ear plugs by mpow for blocking out noise at any time.

These MPOW earplugs are super soft and great to take with you if staying in a hostel or with someone who snores excessively – looking at you, mom! MPOW is my preferred brand, and I use them for my headphones when teaching as well.

lifestraw – $12.97

If you don’t want to splurge on a more expensive water purifying bottle, this Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is perfect for traveling on the go in instances where the water quality may not be ideal.

Lifestraw personal water filter, light blue and compact is good for traveling and always having potable water.

toothpaste tablets – $13.49

Jar of whitening toothpaste tablets for traveling without liquids.

Toothpaste tablets are a great way to minimize waste and avoid liquids in your carry-on. The bottle is recyclable and they actually taste pretty good!

solid cologne – $14.00

Solid cologne is a great gift for the male travel lover in your life who only travels with a carry-on and likes to smell good! A variety of scents are available depending on what you fancy.

Compact Masculine solid cologne for traveling without liquids.

memory foam foot hammock – $14.95

Travel foot hammock, goes over the tray table in front of your seat on airplanes to give your feet a place to rest during flights.

This is the most essential item for travel I’ve ever seen! If you have the room to bring it, it alleviates discomfort in even long-haul flights! I am constantly crunching myself into a ball, figuring out where to put my feet, where to rest my head, etc. This foot hammock is EVERYTHING.

solid perfume – $15.84

This solid perfume is nice and light, and, like its masculine counterpart I’ve already mentioned, it’s ideal for when all you want to bring is a carry-on and have liquid restrictions.

Sleek, compact solid perfume by Elizabeth James.

bar shampoo & conditioner kit – $15.99

Five heart shaped bar shampoo and conditioners for traveling without liquids.

This eco-friendly sampler of bar shampoo & conditioner is a great gift for men or women who prefer to travel with only a carry-on. My hair is very fine but I have a lot of it, and it can get greasy with the wrong shampoo – these work perfectly for me! It comes with 2 conditioners and 3 shampoos.

portable tripod for cell phone – $15.99

The portable tripod is essential to taking photos of yourself without a selfie-stick or travel companion. Be aware of your surroundings and be smart about where you place it and who is nearby. This one even comes with a Bluetooth remote!

Portable cell phone tripod that comes with a Bluetooth remote for selfies when traveling solo.

security doorstop alarm – $16.95

Set of 3 security doorstop alarms, perfect for solo female travelers for extra security when traveling.

If you know a solo traveler (male or female) who could use a little added security when heading abroad, this security doorstop alarm makes a great gift for travel lovers. This option comes with 3 doorstops!

toiletry organizer – $16.99

Light gray toiletry holder with multiple compartments, folds down to be hangable, and has mesh inserts to keep things dry.

Perfect for male or female travelers who like convenience, this toiletry organizer has a lot of different compartments and can hang for easy access. The bag is TSA approved and has mesh inserts for ventilation purposes.

passport holder – $17.99

Keep your identity and money safe with this RFID-blocking passport holder. It also stores credit and debit cards, keys, boarding passes, and cash/coins.

Heather gray passport holder with compartments inside for money, keys, cards, etc.

packing cubes – $17.99

Set of four pale pink packing cubes, a laundry bag, toiletry case, and small bag.

If the traveler in your life hasn’t yet discovered packing cubes, these make for a great gift idea. Not only do they compress everything to allow more room in suitcases, they can also serve organizational purposes. Other colors available.

compression socks – $18.59

For flights longer than 8 hours, make sure to be prepared for the negative effects and read up on Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). These compression socks are essential for such instances.

Five different compression sock styles shown, in shades of black and grey.

universal adapter – $20.99

Universal adapter, the perfect gift for an international traveler.  There are 4 USB ports, and adapters for US/Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ and more.

For the international traveler in your life, be sure to keep them connected by picking up a universal adapter. Many countries have different voltage requirements and require an adapter when charging your devices. I like this one because it has many USB ports as well!

scratch-off map – $23.99

For a special gift that travel lovers can display from their home base, this scratch-off map is a great option. The map outlines Canadian and US States, so travelers can get really specific about where they’ve been!

Beautiful scratch-off world map with detailed state outlines in the US and Canada, perfect travel gift for those who want to keep track of where they've been.

gifts for travel lovers: $25.00 – $49.99

cell phone camera lens kit – $25.99

11-in-1 travel cell phone camera lens kit to enhance cell phone photography while traveling.

Before I got my DSLR camera, I would use this cell phone camera lens kit to enhance my travel photos. Hell, I still use it if I don’t feel like carrying around my camera equipment. This kit comes with 11 different lenses to capture any photography subject when traveling.

travel hammock – $29.97

This travel hammock is perfect, not only as a gift for travel lovers, but for anyone who is outdoors-inclined. It packs up nicely in its travel bag and comes with everything you need to hang it. Many colors available.

Pale turquoise travel hammock shown with carabiners and straps to set it up.

trtl travel pillow – $29.99

This Trtl Travel pillow is designed to look like a scarf and keeps your head upright while sleeping on a plane or train.

There are two travel pillows that I absolutely adore – one is the trtl travel pillow. This pillow keeps my head in an ergonomic position when sleeping upright – i.e., on trains or planes. It’s nice and cozy, and designed to look like a scarf! Machine washable, available in other colors.

cabeau travel pillow – $39.99

The second of my favorite travel pillows is the Cabeau travel pillow. I like this one because it has a strap system that attaches it to the headrest of the chair you’re in, preventing your head from falling forward (or sideways) when sleeping. It’s made of memory foam and has a washable cover.

Black Cabeau Travel pillow has a strap that attaches to the headrest of a chair to keep you upright while sleeping on a plane or train.

binoculars – $39.99

Black binoculars, compact and good for traveling especially when exploring nature or birding.

A great gift for travel lovers, especially those who enjoy birding or exploring in nature, a set of binoculars is perfect! These are lightweight and easy to travel with – I got a pair for my mom last year!

anker portable charger – $42.97

I’m not sure how I survived traveling before I got this portable charger by Anker. I’m the type of traveler who likes to explore on foot and take photos, so between Google Maps and my camera, my battery was always left depleted. This is lightweight and I can charge my phone at least four times! You can also charge multiple devices at once!

Sleek dark gray Anker portable charger, a great gift for travelers who need to stay connected when out exploring all day.

photo map – $48.99

Photo map of the United States, where each photo you put on the map takes the shape of the state it was taken in.

A great gift for travel lovers who like to travel the USA, this photo map is a creative way to display your US-based travel memories!

men’s packable down jacket – $49.97

Traveling during colder months (or to colder destinations) can be a bitch when it comes to packing light. Thankfully, this down jacket for men packs down into a super-portable size. Women’s option listed below.

Black men's packable down jacket, perfect travel gift for a travel lover who frequents cold destinations while still wanting to pack light.

desk globe – $49.99

Antique, vintage-inspired desk globe to fuel your wanderlust while stuck in the office.

Another home décor gift for travel lovers is this vintage-inspired desk globe. This globe is 10″ and fully rotating, perfect for kids or adults.

gifts for travel lovers: $50.00 – $99.99

women’s packable down jacket – $64.98

As I mentioned above for the men’s version, this packable down jacket is indispensable for traveling in cold weather. I hate paying for bags so generally try to get away with just a carry-on if I’m going for 10 days or less, and this jacket makes it possible!

Woman modeling a cream-colored packable down jacket, a perfect gift for travel lovers who like to travel to colder destinations while still packing light.

carry-on cocktail kit

Four different cocktail kits to make drinks while you are traveling on train, plane, or bus.  Alcohol is not included.

OK, so this is definitely more of a novelty gift than a necessity, but how fun it is to make your own craft cocktails on a plane or train! This travel cocktail kit comes with mixes for 4 different drinks (alcohol not included).

grayl purifying water bottle – $69.99

This purifying water bottle by Grayl is ultra-lightweight and saved me from a lot of potential illness while in Ecuador! It’s easy to use and weighs next to nothing.

Grayl purifying water bottle shown in light pink / grey color.  A gret gift for travel lovers who are into the outdoors and adventure and may not always have access to potable water.

wooden world map – $79.99

Living room decor set up with large brown wooden map hung on the wall over an orange sectional couch.

I’m obsessed with this wooden world map as a statement décor piece! It’s perfect for minimalist decorations to highlight a case of wanderlust.

gifts for travel lovers: $100.00-$199.99

skyroam portable wifi – $119.00

This Skyroam Portable WiFi device is the perfect gift for travelers, digital nomads in particular. Do you know anyone who teaches online and needs reliable WiFi? Skyroam is great. It’s a one-time cost for the device and pay-as-you-go for service.

Skyroam Portable WiFi device (large orange circle) can keep you connected no matter where in the world you travel.

noise-cancelling headphones – $123.00

Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones shown in black.  These are perfect for traveling, have a long charge and block out unwanted noise.

These are a must-have for any traveler – whether it’s a crying baby in the seat behind you or a party next to your hotel room, noise-cancelling headphones can save a lot you from a lot of anguish.

kindle paperwhite – $129.99

While I whole-heartedly prefer reading an actual book, they’re not ideal when it comes to traveling due to space and weight. The Kindle Paperwhite is the next best thing, and doesn’t bother my eyes as much as other e-readers.

Kindle Paperwhite shown in black.  Waterproof and blue light minimizing, this is a great gift for any travel lover.

snaptain drone – $169.99

Snaptain Foldable Drone kit, shown with remote and battery pack.  The drone is a good gift for travelers but be sure to check regulations if drones are allowed when traveling.

For travel photo & video enthusiasts, the Snaptain Foldable Drone is the perfect introduction to taking great drone shots. It’s got a respectable camera at 2.7k and shoots 4k video. Not to mention, this is one of the easier drones to learn to control!

Note: Please check the regulations of where you or your travel-loving friend are heading. Some countries or tourist destinations do not allow drones to fly in their airspace.

bose portable speaker

I love having this Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker for nights when I want to get amped up to go out or to use as white noise when going to sleep. It doesn’t weigh much and easily connects to smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Bose portable speaker in black - sleek and compact to take with you while traveling.

gifts for travel lovers: $200.00 and up

swissgear luggage set – $259.99

SwissGear 3-piece luggage set in black, including 1 large, 1 medium (both checked) and 1 small (carry-on).  The perfect gifts for travel lovers.

Luggage is one of those things you don’t want to skimp on quality – ESPECIALLY if you’re a chronic traveler. SwissGear is known for having top quality in their bags and backpacks, and this luggage set is no exception. It comes with three pieces and the two checked pieces are expandable!

gopro hero8 – $299.00

A great gift for a travel lover who’s into adventure sports and underwater photography is the GoPro Hero8. This little waterproof action camera is great quality, with 4k HD video (& livestreaming), and 12mp photos.

Go Pro Hero 8 in black, a good gift for travelers.

canon powershot sx740 – $379.00

Canon point-and-shoot camera, the perfect gift for any travel lover who isn't versed in DSLR photography.

For a travel lover who’s into photography yet not quite ready to take the plunge into the world of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Canon PowerShot SX740 is a great automatic digital camera. It’s beginner-friendly, has 40x optical zoom, 4k video, and more.

canon eos 250d / rebel sl3 dslr

Aaaand, for when you or your travel-loving friend are ready to take the plunge into the world of DSLR, I recommend this baby – the Canon EOS 250D / Rebel 3. This kit contains everything a beginner needs, including extra lenses.

Camera kit contents including tripod, lenses, case, and more.  Perfect gifts for travel lovers.

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